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If your organization is planning a luncheon, a gala event or an afternoon tea, or craft services for your production, contact Advantage Catering. We are about far more than spectacular food and impeccable service. It’s about the appreciation of clients and employees chatting at an elegant reception. At Advantage, we are dedicated to making your day perfect. We understand the details that make a memorable and festive occasion. Advantage Catering’s success is built on the experiences of its clients, the people we hire, chefs, professional captains, waiters, waitresses and bartenders to offer competent and friendly service at all our events. We enjoy interacting with corporate and social clients. Advantage Catering thrives in a fast-paced, high quality environment. Please call us and let us make your day perfect.

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Address  P.O. Box 17331
City/State/ZIP/Country  Encino, California, 91416 United States
Phone/Fax  Ph: 818-624-4242
Contact Name  Jeffrey Stansfield
email  Jeff@advantagecatering.com
Web Site  www.advantagecatering.com/

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