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Holly's Place
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Travel Express LA
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GEA Jets
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Resources Category: SERVICES -- Caterers  

Some of these companies offer fantastic discounts to IFA members. Call them today, let them know you are from the IFA and find out what kind of exciting deals or discounts they are willing to give you!
  Dine With 9 Catering
Main Category: SERVICES -- Caterers
Services: We plan and cater events for all occasions using menus from 9 of the most exotic islands around the world. Let us make your event bolder and more exciting with delicious foods, spectacular entertainment and attention to every detail.
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  Drew Cooks! Catering
Main Category: SERVICES -- Caterers
We love food. Don’t you?

Drew Cooks! Catering offers a wide range of services to suit any event, including gourmet dinner parties in the comfort of your own home, personal chef services for busy families or professionals, corporate events, cocktail parties, weddings, BBQs and more. We even have have an “Iron Chef” themed dinner party where you and your guests select a secret ingredient and a multi-course meal is created on the spot!

Our customized menus are inspired by the finest local and seasonal products, and we strive to share our passion for creating delicious and memorable food for your event.

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