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Michigan Crafty  Michigan Crafty & Film Production Catering is full service. We will work with you on craft services and catering or a combination of both. We have sources for transportation, tent rentals, equipment rentals, lodging referrals and more. Need crew? Ask us. We've worked with talented Michigan crew.

Michigan Crafty is experienced with television, cable, feature films and indies. HBO’s crew has told us we have the “best crafty in the industry.” TNT’s reality show Wedding Day is coming back to Detroit and we are already contracted for a “repeat performance” for their catering and craft. On All's Faire In Love, they loved us so much, we were contracted for crafty and took over midstream on the catering services.

We know how to cater to the film industry. Our craft service team is all over your set with high protein snacks, lattes, beverages and sweet treats all day long. Each morning we deliver snack baskets to base camp so your talent is well taken care of. We’ll make sure the director has his cappuccino when he wants it and the producer and talent get protein smoothies. We’ll move with you all day long. Just hide us behind a tree and we know how to stay out of sight while you are filming just a few feet away. Our service is the best you will find in Michigan and we do cover the entire state with you. Freshly made meals, much of it cooked on site are part of our standard services, which are in no way to be considered standard. It’s excellent! Need us mobile, we’ll use our mobile kitchen and our mobile crafty trailer to follow you to every location. Use us for your second meals, to feed extras and to keep your cast and crew happy with great meals and service. Whatever your needs, we are your best choice for food and crafty services on the set.

Our professional craft services team makes call time and is there past the 'martini shot". You will come to know and love our staff as they go out of their way with our midwest hospitality to make sure you have what you need, when you need it. Have a headache? We have the aspirin. Getting a little red in the sun, stop by crafty for some spray-on sun screen. Need a little pick-me-up? You'll find a double espresso at the crafty table. We'll keep your thirst at bay, your hunger pangs away and we'll have everything you need while on location.

Snack baskets at the trailers in base camp each morning with fresh pastries, waters, juices and protein bars, or whatever special requests the talent makes. These baskets are refreshed several times during the day.

Crafty cart on the set with everything we have at the crafty table so that the film crew, directors and producers can be served at their whim.

Crafty table set up where needed to provided throughout the day: Lattes, espresso and cappuccino, hot coffee, assorted individual juices, pops and water, hot cocoa, tea and herbal teas, lemonade and iced tea. We bring beverages for the weather and season, changing things daily. There is always a surprise.

Whole fruit basket, fresh cut sliced fruit, vegetable crudites baskets with homemade dips, mints, gums, licorice, candies, protein bars, boiled eggs, deviled eggs, yogurts, dried fruits, trail mix and nuts.

Call time: breakfast baked goods basket or bagels with schmears, lox tray with onion and capers, assorted cereal and granola.

Mid morning: deli sandwich platters with PBJ, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, deli meats, grilled chicken, veggie sandwiches, wraps, pita pockets, homemade frittatas and quiches, fresh fruit smoothies, cookies and brownies.

Afternoon: varies with weather: ice cream social, ice cream bars, soups, stews, chili, freshly baked pies, cakes, sweet platters, hot dogs / tofu dogs, hot pretzels, antipasto trays, humus and pita basket, cheese nibbler, meat and cheese nibbler, tuna, chicken and egg salad, homemade fresh bread pizza.

We'll move crafty as often as needed to keep up with your schedule. Remember, our crafty table changes daily with a variety of yummy selections. You'll enjoy most of the above, and more, on an average 28 day shoot.

Chef Eric is an outstanding gourmet chef working in Southern California in high end restaurants for five years and then moving back to Michigan to be part of the Ritz Carlton Dearborn's opening team. Several years later, he was a sous chef at The Whitney, one of Detroit's premier restaurants. In 2008, Chef Eric began catering for private, charter and corporate aircraft, serving celebrities, company presidents, sports figures, foreign royalty, politicians, news media and other high profile clients on a daily basis.

-Hire Chef Eric as a food stylist for your production. $375 per day, plus supplies
-Set Presentation and Food Props $475 per day (basic supplies included), plus supplies
-Actor Commercial Kitchen Cooking lessons $85 per hour (4 hour minimum )

Chef Eric has put together a solid team of culinary talent. Chef Adam traveled around the US learning from every fine dining restaurant he could after graduating from Johnson and Wales. Chef Paul is a former Grosse Pointe Yacht Club chef who worked with Eric 20 years earlier at The Ritz Carlson. We call them chefs because they do the work, but these guys are still in culinary school, Chef Mark, Chef Louis, Chef Jose and Chef Tony. Our midnight crew helps get things ready for the morning and are Linda, Alejandra, Debbie, Robyn and Mya.