IFA Memberships

12 Month Banner on our Website
Have your business listed on our Website. A site that has had over 250,000 hits in it first 4 months. Your banner can also be a direct link from our Website to yours. Full access to message boards will allow you to promote your products and services.

Cross promotions – Referring our members to your company
You can offer 2 for 1, 10% off or other discounts of your choice to help generate business for your company.

Your Business will be added to our locations database
Allows local filmmaker access to your facilities for filming, by doing this, you will not only have Canadian but possibly World Wide exposure. Earn great money renting out your location for movie shoots.

Advertising in our monthly Newsletter
List any sales, specials of the month or upcoming events that benefit your business.

Acknowledgement in media interviews when
Have your business’ products or services mentioned on television when it can be seen and heard by thousands of viewers.

Advertisement before or after movie trailer
Your company name and logo will be displayed or and after Independent films featured on our site.

Will hold IFA events at your locations once a year
Networking function, wrap parties, award ceremonies etc. (Restaurants and Bars)

Your banner will be displayed during seminars

Product placement in IFA Films
We will do everything possible to get your products, company name etc. in independent films through the IFA.

Special thanks credit in an IFA film production
Hair and Make up done by ….
Clothing provided by …..

Your corporate promotional gift in attendee package
We will give out promotional items or brochures of your choice to all who attend our events.

IFA bumper stickers, corporate sponsor stickers & hats

10 IFA Memberships
Use your memberships to get discounts from every IFA sponsor. Hotel, car rental, restaurant discounts, etc.

Valued at: $19,200
Discount: 38% <$7,200>
Introductory Price: $1,000 per month

For only $33 a day you’ll be promoting filmmaking in Canada plus exposing your business to thousands of dollars in new revenue venues.

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